Readings By Rachel | ABOUT
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Rachel’s study of spirituality and psychic phenomena has given her insight and a great sense of clarity. Rachel believes that her life’s purpose is to spiritually guide and counsel people on their life’s path. Her Tarot Card readings are meant to expose the many possibilities and options to those she reads for. Her readings (Tarot, medium, and intuitive) and healings are meant to inspire people to see that they have freewill to create what their heart desires and to become a clear channel for manifesting anything and everything. Having read Tarot Cards and learned many different healing modalities throughout her life thus far, she has been able to help others better understand what they want for themselves, how to heal themselves, how to conquer their fears, attain their greatest dreams and bring abundance and prosperity into their lives.

Using her intuitive and clairvoyant abilities has made her Tarot Card readings quite accurate and insightful to those she reads for. She is very empathic, compassionate and has a genuine love for people and their happiness. It is her mission to assist others on their life’s journey. She is very focused on a positive outlook in life and would like to share that with you. A reading or healing from Rachel will make you feel uplifted and hopeful, thus changing the energy around what may be concerning you.

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