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“I met Rachel a few years ago. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My spirit always leads me in the direction I need to go. All I can say is after my first healing with Rachel if I had any doubts about the power of the universe and our ability to transform our own lives, it vanished the day after my first visit with Rachel. Things opened up for me in my life immediately. I continued to see Rachel consistently after that for a few months and have stayed in touch with her as I have transitioned over the past few years. Rachel is not only a healer. She is a also a teacher. I have learned so much from her and am grateful to have her as an ally. She really does care about the people she serves and she always gives me little golden nuggets of insight I didn’t have prior to our meeting. I highly suggest Rachel to anyone seeking clarity or wanting to transform their lives.”
-Kimmy, New York, NY

“Rachel’s Tarot readings are perfect. I am a repeat customer who has come to trust the compassionate guidance Rachel provides. I rely on Rachel’s insightful, empathic and knowledgeable readings to help guide me in any major life transitions including romance and relationships, career, financial and family issues. Rachel’s warmth and clarity, combined with time tested experience and a wealth of psychic ability, have been a light to guide me on the path. I recommend her to anyone seeking real guidance.”
-John, Oakland, CA

“Thank you so much for the Reiki treatments. I found your gentle nature, kindness, and awareness of energies to be comforting, as well as insightful as I move through life’s process. I would recommend Rachel to anyone wishing to move more deeply into their own spiritual development.”
-Catherine, San Francisco, CA

“I sought our Rachel for what I thought would be a casual experience, playful even, maybe on a Saturday in December. What she provided instead was a journey in the pages of my life I’d never chanced on my own. It was like the difference between just hearing the water streaming from the spigot and plunging your hands in to feel the warmth. It stirred something in me that had been asleep, my connectedness with my family. Thanks so much!”
-Scott, Oakland, CA

“Rachel never fails to give messages that comfort and guide. Her manner is calm and loving, detail-oriented and multi-faceted. Her ability to connect to the information that goes to the core of your question is astounding.”
-Susan, San Francisco, CA

“I learn so much from Rachel’s Tarot Card readings because she combines her mediumship, intuition and her ability to interpret the Tarot Cards from spirit. I had a pressing question before I came to visit Rachel and she helped me work through the energy of my decision on many levels; spiritually, physically and with clarity. I would definitely see her again.”
-Patti, Northridge, CA

“The first reading I received from Rachel Schneir surprised and delighted me. She shared a few things, then began to say things to me that no one else knows I dream of — such as writing a book about some unique experiences I’ve had, and more. She relayed some other very accurate information about what was shifting for me which left me feeling uplifted and like she ‘got’ the real me. The entire reading was very affirming, healing, accurate, and pleasurable to receive. Rachel is what I call “the real deal”…a very talented psychic medium.”
-Kay, Larkspur, CA

“WOW- Rachel’s gentle yet powerful ability to administer Reiki had immediate healing impact on my physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Simply masterful. I recommend her to anyone!”
-Sanders, Oakland, CA

“I have been seeing Rachel for years. She came highly recommended, and I have to say that her readings were more detailed and more thorough than other readings I have had. I always try to do a yearly reading with her, but over the last couple of years I find myself turning to her when I feel a little lost and need some guidance. Her nature is very warm and inviting, as is the space she reads in. We can always figure out where we are going, but sometimes we can make better decisions when we have some guidance from someone that has the gift to see a little more than we do. Okay, maybe a lot more than we do!”
-Genea, Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY

“Rachel is a compassionate and insightful reader. She has been a guide for me at times when I’ve had no map and no compass! She has helped to provide both, and has assisted me in navigating choppy waters with her genuine empathy and seeing eye. I highly recommend her readings, and am grateful for her gifts!”
-Michelle, Albany, CA

“I’ve been going to Rachel for four years now for everything from Reiki to Crystal to Bars and Tarot. With each modality Rachel approaches with special attention to the small details, and a level of sincerity and professionalism that I haven’t found with other reader/healers. Rachel treats the entire experience with the service and care of a truly experienced practitioner. From the calming and welcoming atmosphere of her office to the confident manner in which she applies her techniques, to the respect she gives her customers. Rachel is the entire package. Her healings work, but it’s the whole experience that keeps me a devoted client.”
-Kevin, San Francisco, CA