Readings By Rachel | GEMSTONE
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Universal White Time Gemstone Layouts are precise layouts of gemstones positioned on the body to greatly elevate the vibrational frequency of the etheric, mental, and physical bodies. Each layout has a specific vibration and purpose, from opening to love or creativity, to connecting with your Higher Self, opening your chakras, removing blocks, etc.

The various layouts offer the opportunity to heal on a very deep and lasting level and for one to open up to experience life on a much higher frequency. When we are connecting to life on a higher frequency then love, joy, abundance, happiness, an optimistic outlook on life and development of the mind are much easier to align with. The layouts aid the body, mind and spirit to ground our spiritual growth and development, so we can completely manifest our Divine bodies and purpose in our lives.

Everything in our Universe has a vibration and through sympathetic resonance, our vibrations can be lifted by the powerful vibrations of the gemstones. By placing stones on our bodies that work in harmony with one other, we can affect the body, the aura, the psychic and etheric bodies on a very deep, positive and lasting level.

When our energy bodies are out of balance, they will manifest this in the form of physical and psychological imbalance or disorders (i.e. disease). The gemstone layouts can correct and heal these imbalances by adding the needed frequencies.

Every stone is filled with its specific color energy. Alone, the stone will radiate its individual color, but combined with another mineral, the colors will blend into a shared one, amplifying the effects the stones have on us. The combinations are very specific and make these layouts very unique and effective.

Universal White Time Healing comes from thousands of years of knowledge and experience. Highly developed Spiritual and Light Beings, through watching the development on Earth, saw that the need for healing had increased in the human race. These Spiritual Beings specifically created this form of healing for us and saw that we could perform the healing ourselves by opening up to the Universal Healing Force. These Spiritual Light Beings gave these layouts to us via one of their contactees, Channie Cha of Sweden, so we can raise our vibratory frequency and make our transition to the New Earth more harmonious.