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Universal White Time Healing was created by highly developed Spiritual beings, having monitored the development on Earth for millions of years, and saw the need for increased healing. This healing power was adapted to the needs of humankind and was constructed to give the right amount of power on the right frequency.

Universal White Time Healing was tailor-made for humanity, nature, situations in life and Mother Earth. It heals physical, psychological, emotional issues and situations in our lives.

Universal White Time Healing is unique because the healer uses past, present and the future at one time. The healer connects to a special Well of Force – the Universal White Time Healing Well of Force. The Oldest, the highest Spiritual beings, extraterrestrials, angels and light beings guard that Well of Force of White Time. White Time is white light, which is the same as all colors of light in one. All time in one means past, present and future in one and the same unit of energy.

Universal White Time Healing is connected more with the Universe, but receives Mother Earth’s energy and lets the forces from both qualities meet in the heart. Many other healing forms only pick up from the earth itself, because they are created on Earth.

Universal White Time Healing can be used in many ways and the healing goes into many levels of the client, even on the etheric and astral bodies. After each healing, there is a reaction within the client. The first day the client usually becomes tired and sleeps very well. The second day the client is alert and has more energy. The third day, the client feels good within the body. The healing works 25-27 days in the body. The healing is targeting the area of the body where it is needed. It searches for the things that could be wrong or failing, including physical, psychological, emotional, etc. The Force is itself intelligent and can adjust to the individual needs of the client during the healing session.