Gemstone Crystal Healing In Los Angeles | Los Angeles Crystal Healer
Gemstone Crystal healing works on the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and auric level promoting a deeply transformative healing.
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Gemstone Crystal


TransCrystal Therapy

“As a certified graduate of Rev. Patricia Asheme Bankins’ TransCrystal Therapy course, I can attest first-hand that this profound and organic crystal healing modality is both highly transformative and deeply healing.”

TransCrystal Therapy is a powerful and effective healing modality founded and developed by Gemstone Therapist and owner of The Crystal Matrix in Los Angeles, CA, Rev. Patricia Asheme Bankins, TCT, RM along with her Spirit Teacher, Master Ti-Emein. The healing technique applicable to TransCrystal Therapy are the result of Rev. Bankins’ more than 30 years of immersive experience as a practicing crystal healer and a healing arts educator who actively teaches her evolutionary technique from her crystal store in Los Angeles.

Based on the findings of Rev. Bankins, TransCrystal Therapy is all about clearing the heart and reconnecting the conscious mind and the unconscious soul. TransCrystal Therapy works to integrate the body with the mind, spirit and emotional self to alleviate physical discomfort and pain at their root source.

TransCrystal Therapy works on many deep levels (physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and auric) to promote a more thorough healing for the client. This therapeutic modality is much more than just putting stones and gems on the body. It’s all about matching the bio-electric properties of the crystals themselves with Universal Light to enable the body’s stagnant energy to open up and clear the chakras – thus making room for the body to accept a concentrated, more effective spiritual healing.

First, the body is energetically scanned to get a better sense of whether or not there might have been any injuries or traumas that need relief; any blocked energy that needs to be released; or any hot or cold sensations in and/or around the body and aura that need to be addressed. Next, the chakras are “read” to better determine which ones are opened or closed (emitting too much energy or not enough). Based on these findings, along with the specific needs of the client, the crystals are then put on the chakras and often around the body.

Next, the aura is thoroughly cleansed to remove remaining energies that are stagnant and no longer serve the client. Applying a method called Chelation, hand-held crystals are used to correct, heal, cleanse and fill the body with energy. Clients most commonly report feeling energetic, hopeful, at peace, motivated to attain their goals, having a more positive outlook, and a greater connection to the self and the Universe.

With every client session, I do an intake to get a sense of what their issues might be and what they would like to accomplish by receiving a TransCrystal Therapy Healing. Once the healing is complete, I then take a few moments to discuss any next steps, recommendations, and answer any questions.


UWT Gemstone Crystal Healing

A Universal White Time (UWT) Gemstone Crystal healing draws its energy from precise layouts of gemstones positioned on the body to greatly elevate the vibrational frequency of the etheric, mental, and physical bodies. Each layout has a specific vibration and purpose, from opening to love or creativity, connecting with your Higher Self, opening your chakras or removing blocks, etc.

The various layouts offer the opportunity to heal on a very deep and lasting level and for one to experience life on a much higher frequency. When we are connecting to life by vibrating on a higher frequency, it is then much easier to connect to love, joy, abundance, and happiness. The layouts aid the body, mind, and spirit to ground our spiritual growth and development, so we can completely manifest our divine bodies and purpose in our lives.

Everything in our Universe has a vibration and through sympathetic resonance, our vibrations can be lifted by the powerful vibrations of the gemstones. By placing stones on our bodies that work in harmony with one other, we can affect the body, aura, psychic and etheric bodies on a very deep, positive and lasting level.

When our energy bodies are out of balance, this may manifest in the form of physical and psychological imbalance or disorders (i.e. disease). The gemstone layouts can correct and heal these imbalances by adding the needed frequencies.

Every stone is filled with its specific color energy. Alone, the stone will radiate its individual color, but combined with another mineral, the colors will blend into a shared one, amplifying the effects the stones have on us. The combinations are very specific and make these layouts very unique and effective.

Universal White Time Healing comes from thousands of years of knowledge and experience. Highly developed Spiritual and Light Beings, through watching the development on Earth, saw that the need for healing had increased in the human race. These Spiritual Beings specifically created this form of healing for us and saw that we could perform the healing ourselves by opening up to the Universal Healing Force. These Spiritual Light Beings gave these layouts to us via one of their contactees, Channie Cha of Sweden, so we can raise our vibratory frequency and make our transition to the New Earth more harmonious.