About Rachel - Tarot Card Reader in Los Angeles CA
With over 30 years experience, Rachel provides deeply healing and transformative crystal healings and tarot card readings in the Los Angeles area.
Over 30 years experience, knowledgeable tarot reader, crystal healer, esoteric interests, life path, guiding others, psychic phenomena, mediumship, intuitive reader, pendulum, candles
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About Rachel


“It all started in a quaint metaphysical shop in Old Town Pasadena.”

“I was 15, just got my driver’s license and I was looking forward to getting my first Tarot Card reading. I remember being welcomed into a dimly lit room where I was told to sit at a small table and wait for my Tarot Card reader. The woman was young, exotic looking and very beautiful. I became shy and didn’t exactly know what she would say or even how a Tarot Card reading would work. What I did know was that I found it all fascinating and magical.

My fascination would soon turn into bewilderment when I returned only a few months later, to find that the store was no longer in existence. The reader along with her shop was gone. Like a scene in a Sci-Fi classic, the place had vanished. I could not find the physical address. Yet, even more amazing was what has always stayed with me was what the reader told me. The Tarot Card reader saw that someday I would make my career “counseling others.” I would assist people in search of healing. At the time, I thought she was referencing to being a psychologist or social worker.

Tarot Card reader was not an option offered at my college career day, and my parents wouldn’t have taken too favorably to this career revelation, so I shelved the experience for a few years. Then, a funny thing happened. By the time I hit my 20’s, I began to picture myself as a Tarot Card reader. I would fantasize that I was consulting with my client’s higher selves and spirit guides, shuffling the deck, and passing along vital information to my clients that could, quite possible, improve their lives. Next, came the researching and studying, and the taking of classes, and the joining of groups. What that Tarot Card reader told me would forever change my life.

I would never have guessed then, walking out of the store after my reading that day, with my little bag of incense and my mind reeling from what I was told, that I would never find that tiny metaphysical store again and never see that wonderful reader. To this day it still feels so very magical and mysterious – as if I dreamed up the entire story. Looking back, however, I feel as though my path as a Tarot Card reader and healer has been just that, a mystical dream.

The library I have compiled, the many classes I have taken, the industry mentors who provided me with the inspiration to start my own Tarot practice, have all helped me tremendously along my path. Because I draw from my own life’s challenges and experiences, I am more open and can offer my clients an authentic, thoughtful and totally thorough Tarot Card reading. For that, I am grateful and most thankful.”

Rachel’s study of spirituality and psychic phenomena has given her insight and a great sense of clarity. Rachel believes that her life’s purpose is to spiritually guide and counsel people on their life’s path. Her Tarot Card readings are meant to expose the many possibilities and options to those she reads for. Her readings (Tarot, medium, and intuitive) and healings (Crystal Therapy, Reiki and Universal White Time) are meant to inspire people to see that they have free will to create what their heart’s desire and to become a clear channel for manifesting anything and everything. Having read Tarot Cards and learned many different healing modalities throughout her life, Rachel has been able to help others better understand what they want, how to heal themselves, how to conquer their fears, attain their greatest dreams, and bring abundance and prosperity into their lives.

Using her intuitive and clairvoyant abilities has made her Tarot Card readings quite accurate and insightful. She is very empathic, compassionate and has a genuine love for people and their happiness. It is her mission to assist others on their life’s journey. She is very focused on having a positive outlook on life and would like to share that with her clients. A reading and/or healing from Rachel will make you feel uplifted and hopeful, thus changing the energy around a particular problem or issue of concern.