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Rachel's Tarot Card readings are thoughtful, compassionate and honest. Her intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities makes her readings deep and insightful.
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Tarot Card

Why Tarot?


At certain times in our lives we need objective guidance, spiritual clarity, and/or validation of our own feelings and desires. Tarot Card readings create an opportunity for us to see ourselves in a different light. A Tarot Card reading can help provide specific insights into the significant milestones in our lives – past, present, and future. Tarot can also be a practical tool to use when you want to know whether or not you’ll get the job, meet your new partner, and/or if you should buy that new car.

Whether you hope for confirmation that your soul has a unique purpose, and your life a greater plan, or if you want to move swiftly forward on your chosen path… a Tarot Card reading can help reveal the answers to your questions. The challenge is to dare, to know, to will, and sometimes, to keep silent, listening to the answers that come from within oneself.

About Rachel’s Tarot Card Readings:

Why did you choose to become a Tarot Card reader?

The power, mystery and “forbidden” aspects of the Tarot are what drew me to read the Tarot. There is a defining moment in everyone’s life when they are drawn to something so much, that they end up pursuing that very thing professionally. Some choose cooking, accounting or music, perhaps. I happened to be attracted to the Tarot and its potential to heal and provide reassurance for those seeking answers. It fascinated me on so many levels I couldn’t help, but pursue learning about them.

As a child, when I would venture over to the Tarot Cards in a bookstore, I was immediately drawn to the symbols, colors, and designs of the Cards. Each deck was so different and alive, yet there was something that unified them all: the Tarot being such a powerful oracle that could look into someone’s past, present and future and that potential was truly thrilling. I studied the Tarot and other metaphysical subjects throughout my life to properly prepare myself to read for my clients. It has always been very important for me to try and be the best reader I possibly could for my clients, which is why I never stop learning when it comes to the Tarot.

How do you apply your life experiences when reading Tarot Cards for others? 

I pull from those experiences I have had that are relevant to what my clients are going through in their own lives.  It is essential for me to be empathetic so that I can relate to my clients on a deeper level.  I believe this makes for a better reading for my clients. I want my clients to know that they are not alone, and we as humans have similar challenges. And it’s important for all of us to know that there is a clear way into a better situation. Whether the outcome is on the positive or negative side, there is work to be done on both ends of the spectrum. I believe that there is always a silver lining in that the Tarot can guide us to take the necessary actions to the most difficult events, thus leaving us in a very empowered position.


It is very simple: you ask one question.  I receive the question via email and then I conduct a thorough Tarot Reading based on your single question.  Once I have pulled the Tarot Cards I sit down and compose an email response back to you, thus completely answering your question.  I incorporate my intuition and my knowledge of the Tarot to provide my clients with the most comprehensive Tarot Card reading possible. I also attach a photo of the Tarot Card I pulled for the reading for your reference.

Is a Tarot Card reading over the phone just as accurate as an in-person reading?

I do believe a Tarot Card reading is just as accurate in person as it is over the phone.  I still am able to connect with my clients – the only difference is that they are not sitting across from me at my Tarot table.  I still light incense and candles.  I still pour a hot cup of tea for myself and cleanse the space as I do for an in-person reading.  I never “phone it in” when I do a Tarot reading over the telephone. I take all my readings very seriously, although I have been known to add a little humor when appropriate.

Your influences and/or mentors?

I have such a deep appreciation for my teachers.  There are more people I could mention, but these are at the top of my list: For the Tarot, it would be Gina Rabbin.  She is an excellent instructor whose love of the Tarot really shines through her in her teachings and her readings.  I was able to see clearly the “Fool’s Journey” through her instruction. The Fool’s Journey is a metaphor for our journey through life. Each major arcana card stands for a stage on that journey – an experience that a person must incorporate to realize his or her wholeness. For me, learning this made the Tarot come to life.  Gina was also my Reiki teacher.  I remember being intensely moved after becoming a Reiki Master under her tutelage. The connection I felt to Reiki and also to Gina Rabbin was very profound and inspiring.

My Universal White Time teachers Kitty Mrache (Crystal Healing) and Wistancia (Universal White Time Healing – hands- on healing) have been such a blessing.  They taught me how to connect and feel this other-worldly energy and use it to heal others.  For that, I couldn’t be more grateful.

And overall, the person I consider to be my biggest mentor is Walden Welch (Astrologer).  He has passed on now, but I had really connected with him and the information that he gave me on such a special and deep level.  He told me that I would do what he did; only I would be using the Tarot Cards, whereas Walden used Astrology.  The trust I have in Walden is comforting, like having my own personal angel.  I feel him around me quite a bit and, as a result, I believe it makes me a better reader.  I even have his original Mediumship certificate from 1971.  What an honor to have such a profound document hanging in my office. It is so energetically charged for me and it keeps me connected to Walden.


“The desire for clarity and insight
To understand ourselves in relationship to those we love
To understand the greater meaning of the changes we face
To make sense of the stress and frustration of everyday life
All reasons to seek beyond one’s own mind for deeper insight
To find peace with our place in the world”